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Rosemount, Micro Motion, Daniel and Roxar products
We are pleased to announce that from 1st January 2017 Custom Controls become the New Zealand Sales Channel for Rosemount, Micro Motion, Daniel and Roxar products adding to its current Emerson portfolio and creating an unrivalled range of products and solutions for our New Zealand customers. More

Fisher® Level Loop Solutions
New liquid level controller, FISHER L2e Electric Level Controller. More

New, high-capacity multi-purpose regulators - MR105 and MR108
Type MR105 direct-operated pressure reducing regulator is a high capacity multi-purpose regulator designed to handle pressures up to 400 psig (27,6 bar) and temperatures up to 250°F (121°C)....Read More

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GX 3-way Facts - Episode 1 of 4

Did you know?

1. GX 3-way internal valve trim is designed to ensure long service life and avoiding unnecessary maintenance.

2. GX 3-way same construction may be used for both converging and diverging applications.

3. GX 3-way meets the requirement for both EN and ASME standards.

4. GX 3-way is available with a complete accessory package, including the FIELDVUE® DVC2000 integrated DVC.

5. GX 3-way trim characteristics are designed for accurate temperature control in heat exchanger applications.

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Control Valve

Source AP Fisher.

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