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Anderson Greenwood, Biffi, Crosby, FCT, Keystone, KTM, Vanessa products
We are pleased to announce that from 1st of April 2018 Custom Controls will represent all Emerson isolation valve, pressure relief valve and actuation products. This adds to our existing Emerson control valve, actuator, regulator and instrumentation portfolio, creating an unrivalled range of measurement and control solutions for our New Zealand customers. More

Rosemount, Micro Motion, Daniel and Roxar products
We are pleased to announce that from 1st January 2017 Custom Controls become the New Zealand Sales Channel for Rosemount, Micro Motion, Daniel and Roxar products adding to its current Emerson portfolio and creating an unrivalled range of products and solutions for our New Zealand customers. More

Fisher® Level Loop Solutions
New liquid level controller, FISHER L2e Electric Level Controller. More

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100 Guests Attend Emerson Innovation Center Open House

In May, Emerson Process Management and its Fisher division in Marshalltown, Iowa hosted several events for customers, business partners, and invited guests to celebrate and publicize the opening of the Emerson Innovation Center for Fisher Technology. The new facility features a two-story atrium and a state-of-the-art flow control laboratory, and it represents a three-year, $30M investment.

Steve Sonnenberg, President of Emerson Process Management, said this facility reflects Emerson’s commitment to helping customers run smarter plants. “No other facility in the world can do what our Marshalltown Emerson Innovation Center can do—from seismically qualifying a 35,000-pound control valve to testing a two-story-tall valve that controls the flow of feedstock to a petrochemical plant.”

The Open House on Tuesday, May 11 included more than 100 invited guests from the United States and nine other countries. Emerson's Chief Operating Officer, Ed Monser, and customer Bill Rice (Director AP1000) from Westinghouse Engineering Corporation were the keynote speakers. (Their speeches were video-taped and will be posted on FishWeb.)

These top executives, customers, and editors from industry magazines toured the new facility. Along the route, Emerson employees gave demonstrations on a variety of technical capabilities including Smart Wireless, FOUNDATION fieldbus, and valve diagnostics.

Mike Mason (Executive Vice President, Fisher division) said this new facility continues the valve division’s 125-year commitment to innovation. “Fisher® brand value is built on reliability,” he said. “By replicating real-world flow control problems, this facility, in combination with our talented people, will verify our products’ predictability and performance in the field.”

The Emerson Innovation Center is the Fisher division’s fourth flow lab since the late 1930s, and the largest investment in technology the company has made since 1971. “With these state-of-the-art product development and testing tools—far more than any competitor—we can further differentiate ourselves in the industry,” Mike said.

On May 18 and 19, following the Open House, Emerson/Fisher hosted a two-day technology seminar for key customers from across North America. This group of guests, too, spent time in the new lab, learning more about Emerson’s technology development capabilities, which extend worldwide. The Fisher division has experienced engineers and research labs in North America, Europe, and Asia.

Emerson Innovation Center Open House Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Terry Buzbee (President, Fisher Division) and customers joined in a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the new Emerson Innovation Center for Fisher Technology on May 11, 2010. They, along with a dozen industry magazine editors, toured the new facility and learned how it meets the challenging, ever-changing needs of the process control industry.

Emerson Innovation Center for Fisher Technology Testing Marshalltown employee Fred Catron conducts a static side-load test on an NPS 16 Design EUT, Class 600 valve with a 585C size 100 actuator. Because Fisher valves are used in safety-critical areas, they undergo rigorous testing to satisfy ASME QME-1, IEEE382, IEEE344, and IEEE323 standards.

Emerson Innovation Center for Fisher Technology On the second-floor of the new Emerson Innovation Center is a series of labs dedicated to specific aspects of process control. The one shown above supports Interoperability. Because of the work done here by employees like Justin Gartin (left) and Steve Miller, Fisher products may be connected to various communication protocols, automation systems, multiplexers, wireless gateways, and operating systems.

Source AP Fisher.

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