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Anderson Greenwood, Biffi, Crosby, FCT, Keystone, KTM, Vanessa products
We are pleased to announce that from 1st of April 2018 Custom Controls will represent all Emerson isolation valve, pressure relief valve and actuation products. This adds to our existing Emerson control valve, actuator, regulator and instrumentation portfolio, creating an unrivalled range of measurement and control solutions for our New Zealand customers. More

Rosemount, Micro Motion, Daniel and Roxar products
We are pleased to announce that from 1st January 2017 Custom Controls become the New Zealand Sales Channel for Rosemount, Micro Motion, Daniel and Roxar products adding to its current Emerson portfolio and creating an unrivalled range of products and solutions for our New Zealand customers. More

Fisher® Level Loop Solutions
New liquid level controller, FISHER L2e Electric Level Controller. More

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Fisher SS-138B Replaces Competitor Valves In CCR Reformer Catalyst Flow Control Applications

Catalyst reggeneration is a crucial process in the UOP Continuous Catalytic Regeneration (CCR) Platforming process unit. Partially spent catalysts are circulated from the reactor to the regeneration loop.

Catalyst flow control valves are high cycle on-off applications, particularly used in controlling catalyst flow in CCR. Due to the presence of catalyst fine in the flow path, the valve design has to withstand the abrasive nature of the process fluid.

The competitor's valves installed in the CCR reformer regeneration loop of the refinery in Thailand were having packing leakage problems, the internal trim parts of the existing valves were also showing signs of erosion damages, resulting in regular maintenance.

Following the success of solving the customer valve problem for the purge gas/vent gas application in the same CCR unit, Kanit Engineering was approached by the customer to look into the issue in the catalyst fow control application. Kanit Engineering was able to diagnose and address the customer's pain by recommending the Fisher SS-138B valve solution.

Fisher SS-138B V-Ball Valve

The Fisher SS-138B is one of the few desins that have gained approval from UOP CCR Platforming processes. The valve incorporates a pecial design which prevents the crushing of the catalyst spheres, this helps in extending the service life of the catalyst and maintaing the efficiency of the CCR unit. The industry application solution knowledge and capabilities demonstrated by Kanit Engineering convinced the customer that the Fisher SS-138B is the right solution. An order for 3 units of the SS-138B was placed by the customer to replace the comptetitor's valves. Fisher has once agin proven to be the preferred severe service control valve solution provider for the CCR Platforming processes.

Source AP Fisher.

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