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Control Valves & Accessories

Control valves are valves used in pipelines to control operating conditions such as flow, pressure, temperature, and liquid level by fully or partially opening or closing in response to a process signal.

Fisher Control Valve


Fisher Fisher® is the world leader in providing reliable control valves, regulators, instrumentation and performance services to the process control industries. Fisher delivers time-tested and innovative solutions designed to help customers reduce plant maintenance cost, reduce capital requirements, reduce cost of regulatory compliance, and increase process availability.

Fisher Controls has the widest range of control valves and accessories to meet your applications. This equipment provides rugged fit for purpose performance.

  • Globe valves from 150ANSI to 2500ANSI are available in small and large sizes. These valves are manufactured in many materials and control characteristics.
  • VeeBall valves provide accurate throttling control and minimize pressure drop.
  • Butterfly valves come in many sizes and provide low pressure drop for Throttling, On/Off, Cryogenic or Firesafe applications.


Specialty Globe, Sanitary Valves and Low Flow Valves

Baumann Logo

Baumann provides many smaller valve solutions for the chemical, food, and commercial industries. This includes small general service valves plus special valves for ultra low flow applications, sanitary valves for the food and beverage industry, and special materials for the chemical industry. Fisher digital positioners are available for all these products.

Sanitary valves are designed to meet the stringent demands of today’s state-of-the-art Life Science facilities. Polished, stainless steel body and trim components ensure efficient cleaning and sanitizing giving you confidence that your processing environment produces the highest purity.

Low flow technology offers increasing rangeability with decreasing Cv ratings. This enables the valves to control over a wide flow range minimizing the need to change out trim sets when flow conditions vary between batches. All care and consideration is taken into account during the design phase resulting in compact, rugged, corrosion resistant assemblies that are among the lightest weight in their class, reducing your installation, maintenance and operational costs.


Posi-Seal Logo

POSI-SEAL® High Performance Butterfly Valves are designed for isolation on/off service as well as low tier control. The POSI-SEAL valves feature keyed, double D or square valve shafts. The POSI-SEAL valves are available in sizes NPS 2 to 72, pressure classes up to CL2500. Shutoff is provided by a variety of seals which include metal, PTFE and fire- tested and cryogenic.

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