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Manual Type Actuator

Manual Type Actuators

Manual gearboxes and Handwheels for the Fisher ā€œEā€ body valves. . Please contact our office for sizing and application specifics.

Sliding Stem Actuator

Sliding Stem Actuators

Robust actuators to suit the Fisher ā€œEā€ body control valve. Fail open or close type available. Please contact our office for sizing and application specifics.

EIM Electric Actuator

EIM Electric Actuators

EIM motor operator has a long-standing reputation in Power, Oil & Gas, Waste & Water Treatment, and Marine industries. EIM features multi-turn and quarter-turn, gate and damper actuators utilizing electric, fluid, and manual gear operation. The TEC2000 Total Electronics Control Actuators offer discrete, analog and digital compatibility. TEC2000 features non-intrusive set-up and diagnostics, Remote Display Module (RDM) that can be remote mounted for network control.

EIM also supplies the HQ Series electric operator which is suitable for most ball, plug, and butterfly valves in a lightweight, compact unit. Torque capacities range from 40 ft. lbs. to 2,170 ft. lbs. with single and three phase service, as well as 24vdc and 24vac power. HQ can provide on-off or proportional control for modulating service. NEMA 4 & 6, IP67 housings are standard with optional NEMA 7 and IP68 temporary submergence available

Bettis Actuator

Bettis Actuators

A world leader in pneumatic and hydraulic quarter-turn and linear valve actuators. Bettis features, rack and pinion, scotch-yoke, and linear actuators with torques up to 6,000,000 in. lbs in double acting and 3,000,000 in lbs in spring return models. This actuator has been the workhorse of the industry for over 50 years. Bettis operators are applied to the widest range of Industrial applications.

Rotary Type Actuator

Rotary Type Actuators

High output spring & diaphragm and piston type actuators to suit the Fisher range of Rotary control valves.

El-O-matic Rack & Pinion Actuator

El-O-matic Rack & Pinion Actuator

To suit ball, plug and butterfly valves. Can be used in other quarter-turn applications, such as dampers and pressure regulators. Actuators are made of high duty Aluminum alloys, providing optimum strength and corrosion resistance. Compact rack & pinion design.

Can be supplied in single (spring return) or double acting versions. Choice from twelve sizes models, with a torque range from 12 to 4000 Nm (106 to 35400 lbf.in.).

Mounting for solenoid valves and position signallers to the NAMUR standard (VDI/VDE 3845). Valve mounting and drive dimensions to the ISO 5211 or DIN 3337. Drive shaft provided with insert, for low cost, versatile direct valve mountings. Anti-blow-out shaft.

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