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Sliding Stem Valves

Fisher Controls offers a Sliding Stem control valve for every application. Your local Custom Controls application engineer can size and select the right product for your requirements complete with full specification, dimensional drawings and supporting documentation.

Standard Globe Valve

Standard Globe Valves

A wide range of general service Globe, Angle and specialty valves from ΒΌ inch to 24 inch diameter, connection types vary from screwed, flanged ANSI 150lb to ANSI 2500lb and welded end.
Complementary actuators and accessories are also available.

Fisher sliding stem control valves overview.pdf

General & Chemical Globe Valve

General & Chemical Service Globe Valves

General and chemical service applications include general, utility, corrosive services.

High Pressure Globe Valve

High Pressure Globe Valves

High-pressure valves are extremely rugged, single-port, globe and angle valves for applications in power, refining, hydrocarbon, chemical, and other industries.

Low Flow Valve

Low Flow Valves

Low flow valve technology offers increasing rangeability with decreasing CV ratings. This enables the valves to control over a wide flow range minimizing the need to change out trim sets when flow conditions vary between batches.

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