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Steam Conditioning


Devices used to inject controlled amounts of cooling water into a superheated steam flow to reduce or control steam temperature.

Fisher Interstage Attemporator

Fisher® Interstage Attemporators

Fisher DMA/AF HTC is used in cycling service common to superheater interstage attemporators and severe service applications that have a significant difference in steam and water temperature.

Fisher Mechanically Atomized Desuperheater

Fisher® Mechanically Atomized

Fisher DMA is a simple mechanically atomized desuperheater with single or multiple, fixed-geometry spray nozzles intended for a steam conditioning applications with nearly constant load.

Fisher Multi Nozzle Steam Cooler

Fisher® Multi Nozzle Steam Cooler

Fisher TBX-T steam coolers have multi nozzles producing fine spray for rapid vaporization.

Fisher Steam Assisted Desuperheater

Fisher® Steam Assisted

Fisher DSA steam conditioning desuperheater uses high-pressure steam for rapid and complete atomization of spray water in low-velocity steam lines.

Fisher Variable Geometry Attemporator

Fisher® Variable Geometry Attemporator

Fisher DMA/AF is a variable-geometry, mechanically atomized, back-pressure-activated attemporator, designed for applications requiring control over moderate load fluctuations and high thermal cycling.

Fisher Venturi Desuperheater

Fisher® Venturi

Fisher DVI steam conditioning desuperheater injects spraywater in the outlet of the venturi section, assuring excellent mixing and rapid atomization.

Turbine Bypass

Globe and angle valves used to reduce both steam pressure and temperature in gas fired and combined cycle power plants. Additionally protect reheater tubes, condenser, and piping against excessive pressure, temperature, and enthalpy excursions during steam turbine trips.

Fisher TBX Valve

Fisher® TBX

Fisher TBX valves reduce both steam pressure and temperature to enable daily cycling of a power plant.

Fisher Turbine Bypass Globe Valve

Fisher® Turbine Bypass Globe Valve

Combined pressure and temperature control for low pressure applications

Fisher Turbine Bypass Sparger

Fisher® Turbine Bypass Sparger

Fisher TBX sparger is a back pressure device that is an integral part of a well-designed turbine bypass system when discharging to either water cooled or air cooled condensers.

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