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Measurement Control and Field Automation

Custom Controls represents best in class product and solutions from around the world to solve your most critical industrial application needs.

ControlWave® Express – SCADA RTU/PLC Elpro Radios SAAB Tank Radar

The Measurement, Controls and Field Automation team can supply:
  • Asset and Calibration management systems.
  • Turn Key packaged SCADA solutions including flow, temperature and pressure meters, RTUS, Radios, host systems and expert services for design, commissioning and startup.
  • Flow Computers
  • Tanker and Terminal loading and mixing presets
  • Gas Chromatographs
  • Fire detection and Suppression systems
  • Wireless diagnostic instruments and controls
  • Industrial Video and CCTV
  • Radar Tank Gauging
  • Barriers, signal conditioners and factory automation products
  • Radio systems for serial, wireless Ethernet, remote I/O and many other communication protocols

From Asset management to Zener Diodes, Custom Controls has the right product and services for your industrial automation and control needs.

Asset Management Software Control Diagnostic Product Control Product Camera

For general enquires contact us at (+64) 9 634 1391 or by email at sales@customcontrols.co.nz

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