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Beamex Calibration Equipment

Beamex is a unique company within the field of calibration, as it develops, manufactures and offers comprehensive calibration solutions- from portable calibrators to workstations, calibration software and professional services. You can get everything from equipment to installation to after-sales support. It's the perfect match between your needs and our calibration solutions.

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Utilizing Beamex's calibration equipment, calibration software and related professional services means many benefits, such as:

  • Quick and easy start-up for the system with installation and training
  • Improved productivity through automated calibration procedures
  • Easy and safe documentation of calibrations
  • Seamless communication between calibrators and calibration management software
  • Improved quality of stored calibration results (due to elimination of human mistakes associated with manual recording)
  • Support when the system is in use through Help Desk services
  • Calibration system that stays up-to-date with program updates and re- calibrations

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For general enquires contact us at (+64) 9 634 1391 or by email at sales@customcontrols.co.nz

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