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Bristol OpenEnterprise SCADA Software

Emerson Process Management has long been recognized as the leading supplier of RTUs, Distributed Process Controllers, Flow Computers and Transmitters. The OpenEnterprise SCADA Suite completes the package to provide a turnkey SCADA solution from fi eld equipment to Supervisory Control and Management, Reporting, and Enterprise wide data distribution.

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OpenEnterprise collects and archives data over almost any communications medium using a wide variety of protocols. Both polled and exception-based collections are supported for fl exible and effi cient data gathering, even on low bandwidth, poor quality or high latency networks – an area where many competing products simply fail to deliver. There are no tag licensing requirements or size restrictions on the realtime or included historical databases, the only limit to the size of your system being available hardware resources. New fi eld devices, data points, collection schedules, and historical archives can be added and removed on a live system without affecting the ongoing data collection and access to other data. Data can be collected and supplied from a single server or multiple servers distributed across a WAN.

The ability to support multiple servers in a distributed environment makes OpenEnterprise ideal for the medium to large sized municipality, where there are multiple plants to monitor and control. With OpenEnterprise it is possible to install servers and workstations at each individual plant, allowing for local operations. However, each site can also be monitored and controlled from all other locations, with no additional RTU communications or confi guration required. This also allows for large central control rooms to manage multiple remote locations centrally. Operators can access the data (via a secure login) through workstations on the same LAN, across the WAN via remote dial-in, VPN, or through web pages served to standard web browsers. All standard Workstation functionality is available within Internet Explorer. Workstation graphics are developed with a simple ‘Drag and Drop’ tool that displays data for hundreds of field devices without modification. OpenEnterprise incorporates newly constructed Workstation pages immediately, without the need for compilation or third party applications, and without any interruption to data collection or distribution.

The reporting system supports the generation of Excel, PDF, HTTP, RTF, CSV and XML formatted reports, and they can be published to printers, email, and ftp and web servers - making them accessible to the entire enterprise. OpenEnterprise is the tool that links Projects, Operations, Accounts, and Management. It truly makes SCADA a part of the business process. Contact your Sales Representative or email sales@customcontrols.co.nz for more information.

OpenEnterprise SCADA Software

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