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Fisher ROC and FloBoss and ControlWave

High Performance Remote Measurement and Control

Custom Controls offers flow computers and RTUs that can be configured for a wide range of remote measurement and control applications.

Their products, marketed under the Emerson Fisher, FloBoss, and ROC brand names, are recognized by industry as reliable performers in thousands of installations worldwide. - More Info


ROC800 Remote Operations Controller

This powerful, flexible RTU includes features found in flow computers and PLCs, making this unit ideal for a wide range of applications requiring sophisticated measurement and control. The ROC800 platform optionally supports up to 12 meter runs for flow measurement. - More Info

FloBoss 103

FloBoss 103 Flow Manager

Cost-effective, single-run flow computer for differential-pressure metering of natural gas. The FloBoss 103 is housed in a compact enclosure designed for Class I Division 1 hazardous areas. - More Info

FloBoss 107

FloBoss 107 Flow Manager

A new technology platform that raises the bar for modularity, versatility, performance and ease of use. The FloBoss 107 optionally supports up to four meter runs for flow measurement and a wide. - More Info

ROCLINK Configuration Software

ROCLINK for Windows and ROCLINK 800 provide Windows- based configuration software for all our ROC and FloBoss products. variety of card types.

ControlWave® RTU, and PLC products provide unmatched flexibility in satisfying a wide range of applications. From a compact, cost-effective PLC or RTU to a powerful process measurement and control system, ControlWave can handle it. - More Info

Control Wave PAC Process Automation Controller

ControlWave® PAC – Process Automation Controller

The ControlWave PAC is a highly-adaptable, high-performance controller with exceptional networking capability for local plant and remote control applications. - More Info

Control Wave Micro Hybrid RTU PLC

ControlWave® Micro - Hybrid RTU/PLC

The ControlWave Micro Hybrid RTU/PLC is a cost-effective, space-efficient, low power consumption package required by small to mid-sized applications. - More Info

Control Wave Express SCADA RTU PLC

ControlWave® Express – SCADA RTU/PLC

ControlWave Express is a compact, yet powerful RTU with exceptionally low power consumption for remote site SCADA applications. - More Info

Visit Emerson's Flow Computers website for more information on all the products above and more.

For general enquires contact us at (+64) 9 634 1391 or by email at sales@customcontrols.co.nz

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