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Photoelectric Sensors

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Recognition, detection, positioning, classification, counting, notification and monitoring: These processes are typically handled by non-contact photoelectric sensors. Applications range from the automotive industry, mechanical engineering, and assembly automation, through warehousing and conveyor systems and packaging applications, to the printing and paper industries. With the VISOLUX brand, Pepperl+Fuchs offers one of the largest lines of photoelectric sensors on the market.

Their new generation of photoelectric sensors offer the added features of VISO+. They are cost effective, efficient, and reliable, even under critical conditions.

Photoelectric Sensors

Distance Measurement Devices

Electronic distance measurement devices work with laser light or high power LED transmitters and fulfil nearly any requirements. For example, automatic storage and retrieval units and transporters can be positioned to the millimetre, precisely and accurately, even over large distances. Range measurement relative to a moving vehicle is also possible.

Distance Measurement Devices - Distance Sensors

Optical Data Couplers

Optical data couplers are used for wireless data transmission using light for bidirectional communication to automatic storage and retrieval units, aisle conveyors, Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGVs), or crane positioning. They have the right solution whether it is for fast data exchange via an 8 bit parallel port, serial interface, INTERBUS or for the PROFIBUS DP!

Optical Data Couplers

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