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Rotary Encoders

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Rotary encoders are necessary in all applications involving the determination of such values as rotation rate, speed, acceleration and course. Primary applicationsfor these sensors are found in mechanical engineering, the conveyor industry, material handling and the packaging industry. Pepperl+Fuchs offer a complete line of incremental and absolute rotary encoders for virtually every industry application. Pepperl+Fuchs are also your partner for pressure resistant, intrinsically safe or bus-enabled rotary encoders.

Rotary Encoders

Incremental Encoders

Incremental encoders produce a specific number of electrical signals per shaft rotation. The speed of movement is determined by counting these signals for a specific time period. The count represents a measurement of the exceeded angle or the travelled distance by adding the signals beyond a certain reference point. Simply connect a counter or a PLC input card for measurement. Customers may choose a suitable rotary encoder from our extensive product line, which includes many different series of encoders.

Absolute Valve Rotary Encoder

Absolute valve rotary encoders produce a definite, coded numerical value for each shaft position. Absolute value rotary encoders perform counter functions so the subsequent electronics do not have to, thereby eliminating the need for expensive couplers. Reference runs on start-up are unnecessary, since the current position value is available at any time. Rotary encoders from Pepperl+Fuchs offer a large variety of interfaces: Parallel interface, SSI, AS-Interface, PROFIBUS DP, CAN-Open, DeviceNet, Ethernet TCP/IP, Powerlink. Mechanical designs: the application area determines the mechanical deigns. Pepperl+Fuchs offer a wide portfolio of different mechanical designs, from hollow shaft to blind hole shaft to solid shaft. The individual shafts and housing diameters are available in industry-standard sizes.

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