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Isolated Barriers

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Isolated barriers for intrinsic safety applications are used in factory and process control for the galvanic isolation of control and instrumentation signals, such as NAMUR sensors, 4 mA to 20 mA and 0 V to 10 V signals. These devices are also used to convert specialized measurement signals into standard control signals. Isolated barriers have intrinsically safe control circuits in order to operate and communicate with field devices in hazardous areas. In cases, the respective statutory regulations and directives governing the application or intended use shall be observed.

Isolated Barriers K-System

Operating Principle

Isolated barriers are combustion of an intrinsic safety zener barrier and galvanic isolation network. The energy limitation delivered to the field (voltage and current) is achieved through the zener barrier. In simple terms, a zener barrier contains a zener diode for voltage limitation and a resistor for current limitation. There components are protected with a fuse.

The galvanic isolation contained within the isolated barriers prevents noise, potential effects and transients from affecting the measurement signals. Although necessary from stand-alone, zener barriers, and isolated barrier does not require a connection to earth (ground).

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