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Zener Barriers

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Zener Barriers have long been a cost-effective solution for providing an intrinsically safe interface with field devices located in the hazardous area. Pepperl+Fuchs offers two distinct Zener Barrier products. The Z-System barriers are 12.5 mm wide and mount and ground directly to standard 35 mm DIN rail, while the SB-System barriers are the only termination board-based solution with plug-in modules.

Zener Barriers Z-System

Operating Principle

Zener Barriers provide a cost-effective solution because of their simple design, which consists of zener diodes, a current limiting resistor, a fuse, and the intrinsic safety ground. Each plays an important part interfacing with equipment in the hazardous area. The zener diode clamps when there is an overvoltage on the safe area side, diverting excessive current to the intrinsic safety ground, and the fuse opens to prevent the transfer of unacceptably higher energy into the hazardous area. The current limiting resistor limits the current in the event of a short circuit in the hazardous area, while the dedicated intrinsic safety ground provides the necessary low resistance path for the zener diode fault current.

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