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Rosemount Tank Gauging

The Rosemount Tank Gauging System is world leading in tank management, based on the non-contact, reliable and maintenance-free radar level gauges.

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The Rosemount solution integrates easily with your existing network, DCS or host computer system. With a TankRadar Rex gauge it is possible to emulate other vendors┬┤ level devices, independent of measurement technology, thereby enabling easy system upgrade.

Rosemount TankRadar® gauges are used by major oil companies for storage tank gauging within Tank Terminals and Refineries in New Zealand. The system provides complete functions for Operational Control, Custody Transfer, Inventory Control, Mass Balance and Leak and Overfill protection.

The Tank Gauging system includes level, temperature, pressure, water interface detection, mass and volume calculation for a wide range of products, ranging from propane and butane to asphalt. Data is presented via the Tank Master software, which is a powerful tool for advanced tank inventory management.

Custom Controls has a large installed base in New Zealand. For references please contact your local Custom Controls representative. For more product information please check out the Rosemount Tank Gauging products page.

Tank Gauging System

Tank Gauging System

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