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Topworx is a newly acquire Emerson Process Management company that specialises in valve controllers and swtichboxes (Valvetop) , lever less limit switches (Go Switches) and field networking solutions (Networx).

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ValvetopĀ® discrete valve controllers enable automated on/off valves to communicate via FOUNDATION Fieldbus, Profibus, DeviceNet, and AS-Interface. They attach to all brands of rotary and linear valves and actuators, operate in the most demanding plant conditions, and carry a variety of global certifications.


GO Switch lever less limit switches provide reliable, durable position sensing in the most demanding plant conditions.

GO Switch

Networx bridges the gap between the control room and the field. With a variety of connectivity components for every major protocol, Networx takes charge of the critical physical layer between field devices and the control system. Networx enables you to link devices safely and economically in every process environment and application.


For general enquires contact us at (+64) 9 634 1391 or by email at sales@customcontrols.co.nz

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