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Custom Controls supplies regulators to all sectors of New Zealand industry. Emerson Process Management has three lines of regulator equipment that we suppy; Fisher, Tartarini and Tescom.


There are a number of types of Fisher Regulators that we supply to New Zealand industries including:

  • Direct and Pilot Operated
  • Flow Estimation
  • Pressure Recording, Diagnostic
  • Adaptive / Predictive Gas Pressure Control
  • High Performance Steam, Temperature and Pressure regulators
  • LPG
  • Natural Gas - Production, Farm Tap, City Gate, Distribution & Commercial / Industrial
  • Tank Blanketing and Vapor Recovery

Visit the Fisher Regulators Website


Regulator Interactive Video - Click on the Regulator Model & change the Downstream Demand by clicking on the button to see the workings of the Regulator.


Tartarini, specializes in the design and production of gas installations, complete regulating and metering stations for natural gas, pressure regulators, slam shut valves, relief valves and accessories.

Visit the Tartarini Website



TESCOM provides standard and custom pressure control solutions for Industrial and Semiconductor/Photovoltaic industries.

Visit the Tescom Website

For general enquires contact us at (+64) 9 634 1391 or by email at sales@customcontrols.co.nz

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