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Fuel Gas Regulators

Fuel Gas Pressure Reducing Regulators

Fuel Gas Regulators

Fuel gas, either natural gas (methand) or LP-Gas, is the typical energy source for a variety of plant utility and industrial applications requiring heat such as boilers, dryers, evaporators, hot water heaters, plant heating systems, industrial ovens, and heat exchangers. Energy efficiency and heat requirements for these industrial applicaitons is highly specific as no two applications are likely to have the same performance characteristics. The regulation of gas flow in these burners is often a challenge as flow requirements are entirely dependant on the demands placed on the heating system itself. The following four factors are critical for assessing energy needs and gas flow requirements in the industrial powerhouse:

  • Fuel Type
  • Combustion System Criteria
  • Equipment Design
  • System Operation Requirements

Typical Applications

Fuel gases are utilized for a wide variety of applications from residential heating and cooking to industrial boilers, generators and direct-fired processing plant applicaitons. To deliver fuel gas to the end user, suppliers utilize pipelines which typically operate at high pressures. For the consumer to utilize the fuel gas, a pressure regulator is utilized to reduce the pressure.

Two main types of regulators are utilized for fuel gas applications:

  • Self-Operated Regulators
  • Pilot-Operated Regulators

Self-operated regulators are a cost-effective solution for most fuel gas applications. They provide fast control, normally accepted accuracy and ease of use and installation. For applications requiring higher capacities or tighter accuracies, pilot-operated regulators are available.

Application Considerations

Tight shutoff is typically required by regulators in fuel gas applications. This is referring to the regulators' capability to completely shut-off the flow of gas downstream when the appliance utilizing the fuel gas is turned off and is not utilizing any fuel. To accommodate this requirement, fuel gas regulators utilize a rubber disc and a very finely machined orifice. Many self-operated regulator designs also incorporate a lever to improve lock-up.

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