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912N Series Pressure Regulators

912N Series Pressure Regulators The 912N Series direct-operated, spring-loaded regulators are used in a variety of service and industrial applications. These regulators have limited-capacity internal relief across the diaphragm to help minimize overpressure. Any outlet pressure above the start-to-discharge point of the non-adjustable relief valve spring moves the diaphragm off the relief valve seat, allowing excess pressure to bleed out through the screened spring case vent. The 912N Series regulators are built to provide accurate, sensitive control suited to a variety of applications.

  • Accurate, Sensitive Control
  • Versatility
  • Weather and Insect Protection
  • Easy Maintenance
Body Size and End Connection Styles
  • Inlet: 1/4 NPT
  • Outlet: 1/4 or 3/8 NPT
Maximum Inlet Pressure
250 psig (17,2 bar)

Maximum Allowable Outlet Pressure
  • Emergency Outlet Pressure: 20 psig (1,4 bar)
  • Recommended Outlet Pressure to Avoid Internal Parts Damage: 3 psi (0,21 bar differential) above outlet pressure setting
Pressure Registration

Temperature Capabilities
-20 to 160°F (-29° to 71°C)

Approximate Weight
1.30 Pounds (0,6 kg)

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