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H120 Series Relief Valves

H120 Series Relief Valves The Type H120 direct-operated relief valve has a preset and pinned spring retainer. The inlet pressure registers directly on a spring-opposed poppet assembly, which includes a Nitrile (NBR) disk. When the inlet pressure increases above the spring setting, the poppet and disk assembly is pushed away from the metal seat.

The Type H120 may be used where venting to the atmosphere is acceptable and where some pressure-relieving tolerance is acceptable.

  • Space-Saving Construction
  • Economical
  • Durable
  • Optional Protective Cap
Body Size and End Connection
1/4 NPT

Maximum Inlet Pressure
420 psig (29 bar)

Fixed Relief Pressures
35 to 350 psig (2,4 to 24,1 bar) with nine settings

Temperature Capabilities
-20º to 160ºF (-29º to 71ºC)

Approximate Weight
0.25 Pound (0,1 kg)

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