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N850 Snappy Joe® Transfer Safety Valves

The Type N850 transfer safety valve is designed for in-line installation, usually near a bulkhead. These valves provide a means of shutting off the flow of product in the event of a hose rupture or piping breaks at the transfer area. In this way large scale loss of product and discharge to the environment can be avoided. The valves are manually opened and can be closed either manually at the installed location or remotely by cable or air. A thermal release is also built into the unit.

  • High Flow Capacity
  • Operational Ease
  • Fusible Element
  • Ease of Service
  • Rugged Construction
Body Sizes and End Connection Styles
N850-10: 1-1/4
N850-16: 2
N850-24: 3

Maximum Pressure
400 psig (27,6 bar)

Flow Rates
N850-10: 53 (201) at 2 psid (0,14 bar differential)
N850-16: 82 (310) at 2 psid (0,14 bar differential)
N850-24: 195 (738) at 2 psid (0,14 bar differential)

Fuse Release Temperature
212°F (100°C)

Type P164B Cable Release
Type P327D Pneumatic Release
Type P327C Air Cylinder

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