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N862 Transfer Safety Shutoff Valve

N862 Transfer Safety Shutoff Valve The Type N862 is designed specifically for storage vessel protection. Shaped like an elongated pipe, the valve is available with two nipple sizes and an extension coupling. The nipple threads are hardened stainless steel to hold up under repeated use. The valve is pneumatically opened and closed through a standard quick-disconnect coupling. All moving parts are inside of the valve to minimize damage from rough handling. The body and internal parts are of either stainless steel or plated steel.

  • Lightweight
  • Extension Coupling
  • Wrenching Hex
  • Fuse Plug
  • Extension Coupling Available
  • Application Flexibility
  • Field Serviceability
Pressure Rating
400 psig (27,6)

Closing Flow Rates
140 gpm (530 l/min) of water

Shutoff Valve Connection
2-inch FNPT

Hose Connection
3-1/4-inch male ACME

Maximum Fuse Plug Temperature
212°F (100°C)

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