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Y602 Series Vent Assemblies

Y602 Series Vent Assemblies

Y602 Series vent assemblies help to prevent the obstruction of vent openings, allowing proper air or gas flow for regulator spring cases, remote vent lines, actuator diaphragm casings, and miscellaneous applications. These vent assemblies are available in either angle or straight styles. Typically, angle vent assemblies protect vent openings that face sideways, and straight vent assemblies protect vent openings that face either up or down. Both styles provide protection to vent openings when carefully selected, installed, and oriented so that the opening in the vent assembly faces downward.

  • Weather Resistant: Double-lip moisture deflector of Y602 Series vents resits water bridging across vent opening. Vents resist plugging due to inclement weather such as rain, sleet, and snow.
  • Bug Resistant: All Y602 Series vents except the Type Y602-16 vent have screened vent openings to resist insect entry and resultant clogging. Screened opening is larger than that of other available vents.
  • Stabilizer Helps Prevent Cycling: Spring-opposed stabilizer in vent outlet of selected Y602 Series vents restricts vent breathing rate, providing stability under normal conditions. Force of rapid discharge opens stabilizer when such discharges occur.

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