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Oil and Gas Regulators

Oil and Gas Regulators

Producing wells contain a wide variety of complex components with different physical properties, including unwanted impurities. A typical well stream is composed of gases, hydrocarbon liquids, and contaminates that change physical properties as they exit the wellhead.

The primary function of field processing is the separation of the saleable free liquids, natural gas, and undesirable contaminants. A well stream separator divides the liquid hydrocarbons from the gas. Through the use of level and pressure control instrumentation, control valves, and regulators, the gas and liquids are discharged from the separator.

After separation, the natural gas is cleaned and processed. Whether performed in the field, in a gas processing plant, or not at all depends on the type of well, the content of the well fluids, climate conditions, stipulations of the sales contract, and the economics of using field processing equipment. In low pressure fields the gas is compressed before transmission.

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