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Steam Regulators

Steam Regulators

Steam is used throughout the industry for process and space heating. Within the process industries, steam is used in oil refineries; pulp and paper mills; chemical production, such as ethylene and ammonia; food and grain processing; and textiles.

Refineries and chemical plants use steam tracing to reduce pumping costs of viscous material and prevent freezing of process piping. Steam is used for heat exchangers and reactors to assist or create process chemical or thermal reactions. Paper mills utilize major steam generation systems to generate power and dry paper products. Steam is widely used for district energy systems found in major municipalities and central plants of universities and hospitals.

To minimize piping cost, steam is generated and distributed at much higher pressures and temperatures than are required by the process load. Emerson regulators are utilized in these applications to reduce the steam pressure to a usable level and to accurately maintain process fluid temperatures.

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