What are the alternatives to a Standpipe?

We know that many Water Suppliers are looking at the best way to achieve compliance with the new Water regulations regarding how Standpipes are used in their networks.

Custom Controls has been working with many different water authorities in New Zealand, we have a solution that will meet the new Water regulations and can offer you more control – the New Technology Smart Card Hydrant- MONECA® Smart.

Smart card hydrant: MONECA™ SMART

Secure Precise Smart
Provides a prepaid solution for drawing water to professionals: Access only by smart card. The MONECA® smart protects the water network from water backflow, water hammer and water overspeed. All the water provided to professionals is precisely metered to fight against non-revenue-water. Using Pre Pay Cards , Cards refilled @ Local DC office. Full consumption data so that you can turn it into productive business results. Data upload at the Hydrant via USB stick or Basic data via Bluetooth

The MONECA® Smart hydrant has already been adopted in several areas of NZ, and in use for many years.

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