Asset Management Tags are intrinsically safe devices which use radio frequency identification (RFID)technology to enable digital identification and tracking of plant equipment.

Asset Management Tag Intrinsically Safe


  • Rugged Construction—The Asset Management Tag has a rugged phenolic plastic construction suitable for harsh industrial environments. The waterproof design is resistant to UV (ISO 4892-2), flame (UL 94 VO), vibration (IEC 68.2.6), shock (IEC 68.2.29), and impact (IECIK06).
  • Mounting Versatility—Easy installation on new factory supplied assemblies or onto existing installed base utilizing a casing, yoke, or universal mounting.
  • Intrinsically Safe—Certified for use in hazardous locations for both gas and dust environments.
  • Customer User Interface—At your fingertips, quickly and accurately access asset information with the Asset Connect software designed to communicate with the Asset Management Tag.
  • Asset Identification—Discover a valve’s identity with one scan and leverage the detailed information for inventory and maintenance purposes. Make gathering asset information safer, faster, and more accurate. Reduce the need for costly data entry with pen and paper, which is time consuming and error prone
  • Safety & Efficiency—Acquire information on valves in hard to-reach or hazardous areas by scanning the tag from a safe distance. Use the RFID handheld reader to read and write tags and record repair and re-certification notes in real time. Avoid the time-consuming process of locating or scraping nameplates to uncover asset information.
  • Proactive Maintenance—Current and accurate equipment data enables a more proactive maintenance and plant management approach.
Asset Management
The Asset Management Tag solution is compatible with control valves, isolation valves, safety and pressure relief valves, pressure regulators, actuators, or other devices.


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