Sudsy Challenge – Day 3

Sudsy Challenge Day Three – Custom Controls’ Team
We’ve reached Day Three, and the support has been absolutely heartwarming!

In our latest photo, you’ll spot our Sudsy Challenge team in Orange, and our incredible supporters who have cheered us on, bought from our food stalls, and made generous donations. Together, we’re a force for good!

But what’s driving our passion? It’s the cause, Orange Sky New Zealand. They are on a mission to support those in need, offering free laundry, warm showers, and genuine connections to people experiencing homelessness.

We’ve taken on The Sudsy Challenge, wearing the same t-shirt for three days to symbolize the continuity of our commitment to Orange Sky. It’s a small sacrifice for a big impact!

Update: The team came together and raised almost $2k to help support our friends doing it tough, all whilst looking fab and having fun in orange ?

Thank you, supporters! Your generosity fuels change. By joining The Sudsy Challenge, you’ve amplified laundry, showers, and heartwarming connections. Together, we’re backing Orange Sky’s mission. To our friends in need, you matter.

With heartfelt gratitude, the Sudsy Team at Custom Controls.

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