Marston Bursting Discs


  • Single action devices that offer the ultimate over-pressure protection for vessels.
  • React to pressure differences between the process and the vent.
  • Can be manufactured to almost any recognized standard bore diameter, depending on the bursting pressure, operating pressure and related temperatures.
  • Special bore diameters available to meet specific constraints.
  • Broad range of materials options.
  • Wide range from simple forward acting tensile loaded assemblies to grooved reverse-buckling compression loaded units.
  • Design options include simple single discs clamped directly between flanges or complex multi-disc assemblies including both reverse buckling primary discs and conventional secondary discs with high capability reverse pressure supports.

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A complete range of non-reclosing pressure relief devices, from simple conventional designs through composite assemblies to top-of-the-range reverse buckling discs. Also known as rupture Discs


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